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The bedrock of our industry. FDA and ISO compliance allows for piece of mind testing.


Technology & efficiency enables rapid turnaround complete with online sample submissions and results viewing

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Lean operations and efficient workflow allows us to provide the most competitive prices

Our Story

Atlas Analytical Laboratories was formed to fill a gap in quality control testing. While medicines today are manufactured with state of the art techniques, the sterility of these products are confirmed using culture methods that haven’t changed in over 100 years. These conventional QC tests are primitive, nonspecific and time intensive. As the shelf life of complex drug products continuously diminishes, 2 weeks of product culturing towards an end result is becoming increasingly untenable. Atlas Analytical was born out of these circumstances.

The founders of Atlas Analytical bring together 40 years of compounding and 30 years of analytical microbiology experience. They bring a unique knowledge base and a commitment to filling this deficiency in drug quality testing by providing valid rapid microbiology methods to all sectors of the life science industry.

Utilizing the latest technology and validation methods coupled with a fully automated customer portal, Atlas can deliver high quality product testing and rapid turnaround times.


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