Whether you’re hoping to market a new food product or you are seeking to ensure that your nutraceutical is safe for human consumption, in-depth testing by one of the many qualified nutritional labs is paramount. Have a quality laboratory break down the elements of your product to its most elemental. The best laboratories have a short turnaround time and are quite versed in FDA approval protocols, meaning that you will be one step closer to getting your product in front of the public. As you look for a laboratory to partner with for nutritional and/or nutraceutical testing, be sure to consider the following elements.

  • The possible ‘red flags’ that your product may raise in the public’s consciousness. If you are hoping to release a product in a category that has been recently recalled because of some sort of contamination, you are going to have to make doubly sure that your food or nutritional product does not follow suit. You can prevent such a catastrophe by choosing among nutritional testing labs with stellar records and by commissioning an ongoing testing schedule. Note that even if your product is not one which has been recalled, you will still need to protect its integrity (and yours) by ensuring safety.
  • The reality that supplements must pass safety protocols even if they are not approved to be effective in treating an ailment or disease. Natural supplements often fall into this category. Just because you don’t have medical proof of your product’s efficacy that does not mean that natural remedies have no merit. This also does not mean that you can place anything on the shelf and sell it. The contents must be proven safe for human consumption. A good laboratory can evaluate the ingredients of your supplement and will attest whether they are safe.
  • Vitamin dissolution is an important element of many supplements, and a quality laboratory will test the levels of your nutraceutical and will identify the time necessary for dissolution to occur.
  • Quality control – Even if the ingredients in your nutritional supplement are not known to cause any harm, quality control can keep you ahead of the competition. Consider sports drinks, a category which is full of product contenders. To keep the formularies constant, quality control is a must. A reputable laboratory can assure that the mixture athletes choose to fuel their performance remains effective and consistent.

Build a reputation for having a consistently superior product, and you will gain customers. Partner with nutritional testing labs, such as Atlas Analytical, that understand your commitment to excellence.