The Atlas Way

Quality is Bedrock

At Atlas Analytical Labs, Quality is more than just a word, it’s a state of mind. From every service to every employee, Atlas takes great pride in rigorous quality control and redundancies. When you trust us as the gatekeeper to your patient’s safety, you can be confident we deliver accurate results every time. Explore below to learn more about Quality at Atlas Analytical:


   FDA Registered (#3011863111)
   GMP Compliant Laboratory


Staff Training

Quality starts with people. Atlas only hires degreed scientists to perform analyses. Before staff can generate any customer data, they must go through an extensive training program with mock simulations and sample analyses from all USP test we offer.

Facilities & Equipment

Atlas Analytical operates in state of the art cleanrooms and uses the most advanced and newest equipment in the industry. Our quality assurance unit assures all equipment is calibrated and validated and our facilities have robust environmental monitoring programs in place.

Culture of Excellence

While staff training and facility maintenance are critical components to any FDA approved analytical lab, Atlas instills a culture of excellence in all of our staff. This commitment to our customers and the patients we serve are the basis for all of our operations.

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